so i got a pi 400

and i have a usb soundcard , a little thumblike thingy. 2 channels in (not sure here, maybe it's only one) and out.

I installed REAPER (got the licence at hand) , started REAPER and BAFF , jack won't run. though running on alsa works ok, bt guitarix plugs and other daws would makeit conmplex.

running qjackctl and set the used device to USB .. :)

started REAPER and BAMM : Jack loads . happy grin ..

as i got the JACK running i installed the lv2 suite from guitarix and the x42-stuff (robin gareus)

REAPER ist full of lv2-plugins now, and some instruments are there also.

i recorded something (guitar with dirtqueeze, RBJ HI LO PASS, RBJ 4 Band parametric to shape a 500 4K Bump with a cut at 800, and a little reaverbate and readely) and some midi drumming (x42's general midi plug) so far ok.

routing to here and there with qjackctl in the Graphview (wish i could start it graphview only)

while recording (usb audio in) i have a little latency , but not too much.

i'm happy somehow.

now i got a recording tool, that is far more advanced to that i started with in the 1980s

ok i have not 8 Tracks like my tascam688 that resides on the floor (i'd put it in the shelf if it hadn#t the weight it has)

Glennbo has a 8 Track USB-Card running, so it's there, if i dare to spend the money.

i guess . Limited options lead to faster results

i deinstalled the calf-plugins i heard they aren't too good. and they don't render a gui when used in REAPER, someting with incompatible GTK-Versions, i won't dive too deep here.

i installed Linux Sound plugins

i have to install some instruments that i have find simple 2 Oscillator synths

amsyth , renders no gui in rREAPER, had to route it via jack

vkbkeybd Virtual Keyboard alsamidi

and running a2jmidi -e
to get alsa-midi as jack-midi
(pavucontrol does this for pulseaudio , i have to examine this.)

can connect the vkeybd to amsynth , amsyth to system out

or REAPER midiout to amsyth midi in and amsynth audio out to system out or or REAPER midiout to amsyth midi in and amsynth audio out to REAPER audio in to record it there or any other knotting

there is a synth_v1 running standalone and as vst and as lv2, the gui renders well in REAPER, so no further routing


no binary but sources

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

following line may be not need, same will run in the make context with the install_debs below
sudo apt-get install build-essential git ruby libtool libmxml-dev automake cmake libfftw3-dev libjack-jackd2-dev liblo-dev libz-dev libasound2-dev mesa-common-dev libgl1-mesa-dev libglu1-mesa-dev libcairo2-dev libfontconfig1-dev bison libuv1 libuv1-dev

git clone
cd zyn-fusion-build

make the synth

Install build dependencies

make -f install_deps

Start building

make -f all

Or, you can also build a specific component,

then finally use package to get a package file

make -f zynaddsubfx
make -f zest
make -f package

cd build/zyn-fusion
./install .. will install it
you get a vst, lv2 and standalone zyn-fusion